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Spark 5

Cloud the #EpicFail


I know, Spark is thinking in end users but they need to improve a lot their service, services and software quality:

  • Flashing experience: I flash the Spark core from Build, after I try to Reflash Tinker from my android phone, it didn’t work (core not found or something similar), I do some changes in Build, and I flash it again, then 3 or minutes I’m was doing nothing and my Spark core began to flashing process, was the Reflash Tinker order sent 7 minutes ago from my phone, this is ridiculous! When you click or tap to flash you are expecting do it in the next second, not 7 minutes after it.
  • No Spark Cloud, no live: I flashed the  “Blink a Led” example code (really blink two LEDs), after I lost my Internet connection, my Spark core stopped working to go and try to connect to the Spark Cloud, this is not ridiculous, this is stupid.  In addition, if something happens to Spark Cloud then thousands of devices will stop working.

I was writing this post and I found the flashing bug, I can reproduce it in this way:

  1. Factory Restet: Hold down the MODE button, tap once on the RESET button and wait for ten seconds.
  2. Wi-Fi credentials: Using screen /dev/cu.usbmodem1411 as described in Spark 0 post.
  3. Using Tinker: D7 as digitalWrite and turning on/off blue led from as described in Spark 1 post.
  4. Using Build: flashing the “Blink a Led” example as described in Spark 3 post.
  5. Using Tinker: (I doesn’t close it) tap D7 many times and try to turn on/off the blue LED.
  6. Close the first two dialogs (… Please check that your core is online).
  7. Send the flash order: Menu > Reflash Tinker (I do it at 11:05)
  8. Close the next error dialogs: I think I got one by each tap
  9. The spark core start the flashing process (11:21) 16 minutes after I tap the reflash at Tinker.

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