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The buttons of the keyboard

Decide what are the best option, for now:

1- For the prototype use push buttons

Suggestions of Jonathan (Sensorica friend)

capacitive touch
My notes: Not good for the 10 keys (top) but good for the 4 keys (down)

mTouch Inductive Touch Sensing


4 comments on “The buttons of the keyboard

  1. Fredy Rouge
    21 February 2013

    Melfas Chooses ARM Cortex-M0 Processor For Capacitive Touch Screen Controllers:

  2. Tony Liu (@tonyliu4)
    22 March 2013

    YYES capacitive touch!

    • Fredy Rouge
      23 March 2013

      Captive touch in the top keys have a problem, you need put your fingers without active the key (the MuuTTa-Wand isn’t in anti-gravitational environment, heheheh) but I think will be the technology for the down “buttons” for use with the thumb finger.

  3. Tony Liu (@tonyliu4)
    17 April 2013


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