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What is muutta-wand-1 ?

Muutta-wand-1 is the first version of my old idea about made an interface best that keyboard.

The problem: The keyboard is not a good interface, is not ergonomic, I have health problems in my hands for use the keyboard, …
The idea: Our hands are a product of our evolution, they are for take fruits and branches of trees (I remember this idea from a documentary video about human evolution), okay after some time with the problem in my head –the idea– a key-bar, yes, like a small branch with buttons.
Note: Now some years after the idea, I decide work in the creation of the product, I think do it the most open source but is important find a business model for do it real.


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This entry was posted on 28 January 2013 by in MuuTTaWand Concept 1.