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The brand

Identity is one of my favorites, and branding is one of the most important issues inside the identity world, do the MuuTTa brand is the consequent of years observing, reading and thinking about this human technique, my curiosity about branding comes from my infancy, I remember read brands before understand the letters.

From the beginning I was thinking in integrate the image-brand with the word-brand, mi fist idea was do something like airwalk logo with the time this idea evolved.

First I did a fonts exploration in (yes, Open Source fonts) and after testing a lot of fonts I select 4 (whipsnap.ttf, wagerwon.ttf, unanimoi.ttf, rambling.ttf) and I wrote the brand in capital and small case for get feedback from others (see comments in english, spanish and french).


Font options for the word-brand.

Is interesting that most people (14/20 votes) do the some selection with comments like I can’t explain way but I have a good feeling with the last in the first column, I was so happy because I had the some feeling when I chose the font (before write the word), this is the first brand concept:


First word-brand concept


First image-brand concept

After that come to my mind the idea of show the concept of human creativity (is part of my intrinsic motivation and identity) in the brand and reflect diversity and beauty, the automatic reflect was put human hands, I do some test using as base hands from Open Clip Art and finally and getting a little of inspiration from the decoration of the villa-maria metro station (I love this style) I do this second concept that is a mix with the idea of write the word using rings °muutta°:


Second word-brand concept.


Second image-brand concept.

Was a surprise for people close to me that the red colour (my favorite) wasn’t in the logo, why? is product of and old conversation With Tatiana, she explains me that red colour have a negative and aggressive psychological effect (example: teacher corrections using red pencil). The first letter is blue because blue is the colour that more people associate with technology and more after Facebook and Twitter.

When I was doing the first logo I try put the hand in the first and last letter but I let this idea, after i get feedback from Andres, he told me me something about problems with the composition and suggest me to integrate the hand with the firs and the last letter, I put my hands on and also I do an improvement for the fingers because the was very irregular and this is not good for “print” the mark in different materials, I’m not an expert designer but using as base this image that I find in Internet:


I get success for do the final version of the image-brand:


This is the final integration between the word-brand and the image-brand.

As consequence of this change I have to do a change in the colours of the word-brand because the blue (technology) is the colour for the image-brand

I was so happy and more after see a documentary when I learn that the principal difference between our DNA and the chimpanzee are the code related with the thumb, yes are the thumbs in the hands that do human humans, creativity is in our hands.

After I do small fixes in the colours (removing small transparencies) and I put all in this final document:


MuuTTa brand, word-mark and image-brand (logo)

I do all the work related with the logo using the Open Source software Inkscape.


18 comments on “The brand

  1. Fredy Rouge
    24 January 2013

    Fredy: Option 4 in minuscule
    Alejandro: Option 4 in minuscule
    Bernard: Option 4 in minuscule

  2. Fredy Rouge
    24 January 2013

    Andres: las dos de abajo pero la de la derecha tiene mas de digital
    Mauricio: me gusta el segundo de la derecha

  3. Fredy Rouge
    24 January 2013

    AMANCIA: No sabría decir porqué pero me inclino por la cuarta de la izquierda.

  4. Fredy Rouge
    24 January 2013

    Liliana: la cuarta de la primera columna

  5. Fredy Rouge
    24 January 2013

    Sebastian: ultimo de la fila izquierda
    Pilar: me gusta el ultimo de la primera columna
    Gloria: me gusta el de la izquierda abajo (ultimo)

  6. Christelle MTL
    24 January 2013

    Christelle : lo primero que yo vi, es el ultimo de la izquierda. Pero no sé si esta bien coon el tema.
    Sino, el segundo de la izquierda..

  7. Fredy Rouge
    24 January 2013

    Elkin: me gusta el ultimo de la derecha

  8. Fredy Rouge
    25 January 2013

    Angelica: La verdad aunque todas se parezcan la mejor es la última de la fila derecha.

  9. Fredy Rouge
    25 January 2013

    Flavio: los 2 que mas me gustan son el primero y el ultimo de la primera columna (izquierda), y de esos 2 prefiero el ultimo, ya que es el que me parece mas claro y amigable a la vista debido a sus contornos curvos que tambien lo hacen bastante artistico, ademas es en letras minusculas que por lo general tiende a relacionarse con codigo, programacion, internet y tecnologia.

  10. Fredy Rouge
    25 January 2013

    Diego: a mi me gustan las ultimas de cada lado, teniendo en cuenta que el diseño del lado izquierdo se me parece a las tetras de twiter y depronto eso lo veneficia o puede ser un problema por plagio no se, en fin la idea esta buena.

  11. Fredy Rouge
    25 January 2013

    Gloria Ines: me gusta el último en Mayúscula

  12. Fredy Rouge
    25 January 2013

    Mafe: Me gusta el primero que tiene letras minusculas

  13. Fredy Rouge
    25 January 2013

    Rodny: Pues a mi me gusta el ultimo de la primera fila (realmente por el contexto quizo decir colúmna)

  14. Fredy Rouge
    26 January 2013

    Sonia: Gracias por hacernos participes de tus brillantes ideas!
    a mi me gusto el ultimo de la columna de la izquierda

    Stella: Me gustó más el ultimo de la colmna derecha, por que es grande y se ve de una…”Especial para cuchitas”

  15. Fredy Rouge
    26 January 2013

    Magda: No entiendo bien eso de que “mutación es evolución”
    pero bueno, el logo que me gustó es el último de la izquierda.

  16. Fredy Rouge
    28 January 2013

    Olga: me gustó mucho el último de la izquierda…todo redondito y cuco!!!

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  18. Fredy Rouge
    19 April 2013

    This was part of the article:

    For create the packges of te fonts for the archlinux workstation

    example of PKGBUILD using unanimoi.ttf:

    depends=('fontconfig' 'xorg-font-utils')
    pkgdesc="custom fonts"
      mkdir -p $pkgdir/usr/share/fonts/TTF
      cp $srcdir/*.ttf $pkgdir/usr/share/fonts/TTF

    I do the md5sum line using:

    makepkg -g >> PKGBUILD

    Example of *.install file (ttf-unanimoi.install):

    post_install() {
      echo -n "Updating font cache... "
      fc-cache -fs >/dev/null
      mkfontscale /usr/share/fonts/TTF /usr/share/fonts/Type1
      mkfontdir /usr/share/fonts/TTF /usr/share/fonts/Type1
      echo "done"
    post_upgrade() {
    post_remove() {

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