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The name


The name comes from mutabit project with my friend Offray, we was working hard for get a good name, at the end he finds muta (from mutation) for speak about evolution, with his approbation I take this concept as base and after some months thinking (in background) and creating names like muta-corp, muta-org muta… I get the idea of muta using “uu” and “tt”. Is the born of muutta.

After having the name and to buy the domains I was searching for a distinguishing way to write it, for example in a newspaper article. After ideas like °muutta°, ºmuuttaº, muutt@, m̊uuttå, ḿuttà, 👋 ✋ (hand unicode) … I decided put the first letter in capital because is a name and put TT in capital for get an irregular form, like a mutant.

MuuTTa is cool and have a hard linguistic power, is easy play and do something like :

  • MuuTTa-products
  • MuuTTa-services
  • MuuTTants
  • MuuTTations

And also is good for use in English, French and Spanish because the root muta is the some for the 3 languages.


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This entry was posted on 21 January 2013 by in MuuTTaOrg Concept 1.