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The domains


Is the world of Internet, your organization need good domains because domains have a relation with identity, with the name.
My methodology for find a good name is think in the name and see if the domain is free, in the case of MuuTTa the initial idea was muta (The concept of mutation/evolution comes from my friend Offray) but for get a good domain and a particular distinguishing I put two u’s and two t’s.

For start to build the organization I buy this 3 domains:


    The project have a very important commercial component and you know, (ignore the link) is very popular.


    I’m from the .org hacker culture and I want to go in this direction.


    In future is good to have a URL shorter

And for now I’m using this only as redirection to blog when I have the initial Internet presence.

Provider choise

Gandi or OVH?

Gandi is my old friend, is more expensive but have the ssl certificate and is only pay and all is redy. Finaly I love his “No Bullshit” politic and his help to open projects like creative commons, debian, WWF, EFF …

OVH is not expensive but i have print, sing and send documents, is not good.

The 3 domains for $49 USD.



3 comments on “The domains

  1. Fredy Rouge
    1 February 2013

    In canadian dollars, after the pay: 49,95$

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